Growing During the Pandemic

Growing During the Pandemic

Some might say that a global pandemic is not the best time to expand production facilities. I say those people aren’t paying attention. This month, Vetrotech’s North American headquarters consolidated our glass and framing production facilities into one shop, which effectively doubled the square footage of our site at 2108 B St. NW, Suite 110 in Auburn, Wash.

If you had told me in February that the pandemic would make the move MORE vital and not less, I’m not sure I would have believed you.

But here we are, and having navigated the COVID-19 pandemic for nearly the past year, that’s exactly the position Vetrotech finds itself in.

We had planned to expand before any of us could even imagine a global pandemic such as this, knowing our growing business demanded it. But as COVID-19 tested our entire industry this year, it wreaked particular havoc on construction schedules. Because of that, architects and glazing contractors are now balancing many moving deadlines as situations continue to change almost daily around the country.

These changes require manufacturers to be more nimble as a result. Keeping up with demand on very tight schedules seems to be the new normal. Not only that, but bringing our entire production team under one roof ensures that we’re even more connected, and can pivot quickly as needs and demands change.

I am confident that when the pandemic has passed, we’ll see greater opportunity in our industry than ever before. And when that time comes, I’m going to remember the best lesson I learned this year: Out of every challenge comes remarkable opportunity for those who are looking for it.

Never stop looking!

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April 8, 2021

Thomas Zaremba

Well done Kevin!

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