How Science Enables Art in Architecture

Architecture is where art and science meet. Beauty, creativity, structural integrity and performance are the cornerstones of any building project, large or small, and there’s little room to compromise one aspect over another.

The idea that science and technology enable art is a topic I’ve been thinking about lately. I’ve seen some incredible examples of how architects are pushing the envelope in terms of design.

For example, glass installations are getting larger and more complex with intricate curves. Digital printing on glass is adding new interest and color to buildings. Electrochromic or automatically tinting glass is adding to occupant comfort and energy efficiency. And skinny triples are making it easier to achieve greater efficiencies without retooling or reworking the design.

It seems that every week I encounter a glazing fabricator who is doing something new and amazing with glass, giving architects more freedom to design with fewer limitations.

Why are we seeing such architectural feats come to life? One word: progress.

Today, there are products on the market that I like to call “enabling technologies.” These technologies make it possible for architects to be more creative in their designs while still ensuring building integrity, performance and cost effectiveness.

And I’m not just seeing this creativity in large-scale, high-profile projects, such as the Eiffel Tower or The Museum of the Future in Dubai. Enabling technologies are being used in smaller projects, such as schools, hospitals and even multifamily buildings to add character and fine details, while boosting performance.

So, what are these enabling technologies?

They are any cost-effective, high-performance components that add value and design flexibility to any glass project ranging from flexible spacer systems and glass coatings to framing systems – and anything in between. And part of the enabling element is process. They must be simple and cost effective for fabricators to work with and easy to integrate into automated processes that create efficiencies, boost quality and increase production capacity.

Enabling technologies turn glass into a canvas for digital images, square buildings into curved works of art, rooms into comfortable spaces and projects into masterpieces. In short, they are making the impossible possible without compromise.

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