Boston Area Recovers in Aftermath of Marathon Bombing with Help of Local Glass Shops

A Hub Glass crew works on Boylston Street in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing.

A Hub Glass crew works on Boylston Street in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Just one month has passed since the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, and some area glass shops continue to work in the area to replace the glass that was broken in the tragic incident.

Among these, Hub Glass in nearby Somerville, Mass., was one of the first businesses allowed to enter the Boylston Street area to board up (and later replace the glass) at one of the buildings affected in the blast near Marathon Sports. (Company officials declined to identify the specific building due to privacy concerns for the owners.)

“We got the phone call that afternoon to be on standby to get in and board up the building,” says Hub vice president Richard Carver.

“It was very eerie to be there that night,” says Randy Ibbitson, general manager for Hub. “We had seven to eight guys there starting at 6 at night and they worked there 13 hours straight just to get the five floors boarded up.”

The glass was broken on five floors of the building—23 pieces total. As for the type of glass installed, Ibbitson says the company is replacing the glass with the same type of glass that had been installed previously. The glass is being supplied by Sigco Inc. in Westbrook, Maine, Solar Seal Co. in Easton, Mass.

“We went back to what was there—some of it was tempered, some of it was annealed,” he says.

The building also has a bump-out with a slight inverted slope with a laminated unit that was replaced, according to Ibbitson.

“The bomb blew right through it,” he adds.

The job is expected to be completed this Tuesday, according to Ibbitson.

“I’m glad we were able to help them out,” says Carver.

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