NFRC Passes Several Ballots, Tables Others and Has Board Member Changes

Michael Thoman, Architectural Testing Inc., discusses air leakage rating and labeling at the NFRC Spring 2013 Committee Meeting Week in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Michael Thoman, Architectural Testing Inc., discusses air leakage rating and labeling at the NFRC Spring 2013 Committee Meeting Week in St. Petersburg, Fla.

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) discussed several additional balloted codes and edits during days two and three of its Spring Committee Meetings in St. Petersburg, Fla.

The Ratings Committee convened Tuesday afternoon, opening with discussions from the NFRC 700 Product Certification Program (PCP) and NFRC 705 Component Modeling Approach (CMA) Certification subcommittees.

NFRC members reviewed several balloted items during the ratings subcommittee and committee meetings including:

  • NFRC 700, Glazing Description;
  • NFRC 700 Certificate of Authorization;
  • NFRC 700, Complex Glazings;
  • NFRC 700 Air Leakage Ratings;
  • NFRC 700 Air Leakage Laboratories;
  • NFRC 700 Temporary Label Reorganization; and
  • NFRC 700 Label Certificate Cover Page.

All of these items were passed on to the board for approval.

Wednesday’s board of directors’ meeting saw the passage of many of these revisions, with two debated topics, which were tabled. Approved items from the technical committee, which convened Monday and Tuesday, include:

  • NFRC 400 ballot;
  • NRFC 100-CMA ballot;
  • NFRC 500 Complex Glazings ballot;
  • NFRC 100/200/500/700 Complex Glazings ballot;
  • NFRC 100 ballots;
  • NFRC 203 ballot;
  • NFRC 200 Applied Films ballot; and
  • NFRC 200 Complex Glazings ballots.

The ballots that went to the board are available online here.

Of the items sent to the board for approval from the ratings committee, the following were passed:

  • NFRC 700 Attachment Label Certificate ballot;
  • NFRC 700 Certificate of Authorization ballot;
  • NFRC 700 Complex Glazings ballot;
  • NFRC 700 Air Leakage Ratings ballot,
  • NFRC 700 Temporary Label Reorganization ballot; and
  • NFRC 705 Label Certificate Cover Page ballot.

Tabled items from the ratings committee were NFRC 700 Glazing Description ballot based on immense discussion regarding a staff recommendation of delaying ballot until further staff analysis of costs and process can be completed. A motion to approve the NFRC 700 Air Leakage Laboratories ballot was also tabled, following a disagreement on the necessity of such a code and its extent, pending further discussion.

Additionally, Jeff Baker resigned from his role as technical committee chair. NFRC officials announced that they welcome any members expressing interest in the position.

Karma Sawyer of the Department of Energy was also appointed to a position on the board of directors.

The conference ended today with a closed-door board meeting.

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