BEST Introduces LogiKal Version 8

LOGIKAL-8Building Envelope Software Technologies (BEST) has released the new LogiKal® Version 8 professional contract glaziers’ software. In addition to dual screen support, the new version provides a number of project management features.

These include documentation management, which allows the user to add any document, such as an RFI, drawing or PDF, to the job file. The program also has curtainwall segments for both fabrication and installation. According to the company, it provides enhanced material packages for anchors and other items with labor; new elevation history with the ability to revert back to previous versions; and alternate pricing across systems, finishes, glazing and manufacturers.

Some of the other new program details include a material elevation feature that allows users to add all of the other buyout items they may need for a complete estimate and proposal. Users they can include drawings, images and pictures of the item and apply markups and labor.

Other features include enhanced AutoCAD® support including a LogiKal tool bar within AutoCAD as well as the ability to import wireframes into LogiKal of complex elevations created in AutoCAD. LogiKal also has the ability to export elevations, details and BIMmodels directly into AutoCAD. For users without AutoCAD, LogiKal has an embedded CAD system with tools for drawing wire frame models, brake metal, surrounding conditions, anchors, angles, clips, sealant and more, then saving them to the native AutoCAD DWG format, according to the company.

LogiKal integrates with automated CNC equipment, and for shops without automated equipment, the program can produce fabrication reports for the shop supervisor.

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