Architects Announce Legislative Agenda for 113th Congress

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) today announced a five-point legislative agenda for the 113th Congress, targeting job creation for small businesses as a top priority.

“Our legislative agenda reflects the interests of our members, which not so coincidentally reflects the priorities of the American people,” says AIA president Mickey Jacob. “These five priorities for the next two years have the creation of jobs as their centerpiece while also seeking to shore up our aging infrastructure, make our communities more resilient and assure we invest in the next generation of architects.”

The five priorities are:

1. Helping small businesses create jobs;
2. Repairing and strengthening buildings;
3. Building sustainable, resilient and vibrant communities;
4. Reforming government to build better with less; and
5. Investing in the next generation of design leaders.

“In 2013, our nation faces great challenges that require innovative, forward-thinking solutions,” adds Jacobs. “Our 80,000 professionals – who are job catalysts in every community – urge Congress and the White House to put partisanship aside and work together to build our nation’s future.”

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