USGlass Publisher Gives Eye-Witness Account of Boston Marathon Bombing

“Anyone could have walked past and put something behind the bleachers,” she says. “And those bleachers and the metal fencing around it would have just acted as more shrapnel once the bomb went off.”

“I hate to say it, but the worst realization of the day occurred when we got to the airport about an hour after the attack.” She says. “We were talking about it and the TSA agent checking IDs asked me what happened. Once I told him he shrugged his arms and said ‘hey, we live in a bubble here.’ It was then I realized that those TSA agents had not yet been alerted and nearly an hour had gone by and that really concerned me.”

She also heaped praise on first responders. “I think the City of Boston did an incredible job in quick and effective response to the bombing. Their reaction and response was almost instantaneous and very forceful.”

“My heart goes out to all of the people who tried to watch a wonderful event on a nice day, and to those people who were hurt or worse,” she says. Speaking of the 27,000 runners, Levy says there were about 9,000 who could not finish. Of those who were within five to ten minutes of the finish line, she says they were diverted to another line.

The explosions that took place in Boston yesterday killed at least three people, including at 8-year old boy, and left more than 140 injured.

If you were taking part in the event yesterday, attended, or know someone who was there, email to share your stories.


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  1. Randall Grindell:

    Wow. Glad you are okay Deb. What a harrowing story. Sad, but thanks for sharing it.

  2. Terry Webb:


    Thanks for sharing your story. You are significant leader in our beloved glass community and A sense of community helps all of us get through these events that defy all logic and decency. I am happy for your family for their luck in survival as we all grieve together for the families who are suffering from this awful tragedy.

    This reminds us why we say “I love you” on departure and hug on arrival. Life is not a guarantee and every minute is to be cherished.

    Look forward to meeting you some day,

    Be well,


  3. Just Had to Share This! » Blah, Blah ... Blog:

    [...] you have not as yet done so, make sure you read yesterday’s story about Deb Levy who was in Boston with her husband Mike, sister Patty and brother-in-law Vincent [...]

  4. Deb Levy:

    Thank you Terry and Randall, and thanks to everyone who has emailed me since the story appeared — your kind words and support are appreciated. To those who asked about my sister and her husband, they are fine and back home. I called her immediately when the bomb hit and they determined that, since Vinnie was just recovering from the marathon, they would stay put for awhile, which is what they did. They were able to get home yesterday. Let’s keep all those injured and the families of those killed in our prayers. Thank you again.

  5. Lou Green:

    Deb, so glad to hear you and your family are safe. God is good……………Keep up the good reporting…………

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