Glass Door Proposal Moves Forward at ICC Hearings

C402.3.3.5 Dynamic Glazing. For compliance with Section C402.3.3, the SHGC for dynamic glazing products shall be determined using the manufacturer’s average of the product’s lowest-rated and highest SHGC value from the product’s label, and the VT/SHGC ratio shall be determined using the maximum VT and maximum SHGC using the average of the product’s lowest and highest VT value from the product’s label. Dynamic glazing shall be considered separately from other fenestration, and area-weighted averaging with other fenestration that is not dynamic glazing shall not be permitted.

“The purpose of the proposed code change is to correct how the SHGC and VT are determined for dynamic glazing to reflect that there is no guarantee that dynamic glazing will be operated to minimize either SHGC or VT,” wrote the proponents. “Current dynamic glazing assumptions in the IECC are physically impossible and are inconsistent with fenestration product labels.”

The hearings wrap up today. Stay tuned to for the latest.

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