AAMA Releases Multipoint Locking Hardware Standard for Side-Hinged Doors


American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) recently published a North

America standard for multipoint locking hardware for side-hinged door systems.

AAMA 909-13, Voluntary Specification for Cycle Performance and Testing of

Side-Hinged Exterior Door Multipoint Locking Hardware, establishes a

minimum performance requirement and test procedure to evaluate the durability

of multipoint locking door hardware.

“As the use of multipoint locking hardware increases, products tested to AAMA

909 will help manufacturers confidently incorporate compliant locks into their

door systems,” says Mark Fortun of Endura Products Inc., a member of AAMA’s

Door Hardware Task Group.

Prior to the publication of AAMA 909, the only existing North American

standards that were considered to be applicable dealt with single point locking

hardware, such as a typical latch and deadbolt, according to AAMA. “There was

never a standardized set of basic product requirements unique to multipoint

locking hardware despite their use for several years,” says Matt Taylor of HOPPE

North America Inc., who also serves on AAMA’s Door Hardware Task Group.

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