Senate Committee Passes Bill to Provide Grants for School Safety Improvements

“Looking at the total picture and all of the things that we’ve been doing and considering doing in regards to school safety, [bullet-resistant glass] is just one other consideration,” Riverdale School District superintendent Ron Jacobs, is quoted as saying in the report.

Officials in Brookings, S.D., also are exploring the possibility of installing laminated glass in school entrances over the next few years. “We feel we need to keep an intruder outside for somewhere around 60 seconds prior to police officers being on site,” Brookings superintendent Roger DeGroot said in a local report.

Consumers also have called on school officials across the United States to bulk up safety in light of the safety and many have noted bullet-resistant and laminated glass as a specific need.

“Doors that have glass next to locks should be replaced with laminated glass,” wrote consumer Malcom Rose of Philomath, Texas, in a January 29 letter to the editor that appeared in the Corvallis Gazette-Times. The letter was titled “Simple Security Steps Could Enhance School Safety.”

Another, James Daggers of Warrington Township, Pa., writesBulletproof [sic] doors with bulletproof [sic] glass are the way to go. We also need the first-floor glass windows to be bulletproof [sic]. If an attack happens and a would-be killer does get into a school, the children will be safe in their classrooms. This will allow more time for the police to arrive and do their job.” Daggers’ letter appeared in the Philadelphia-based Intelligencer.

The legislation, which would provide for a range of safety improvements in schools, now will move to the Senate floor for review.

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