From Melting Pot to Salad Bowl: Selling to a Changing Consumer Base

When selling to women, companies should lay out all options. It may appear time-consuming but will ultimately please the female consumer who is far more likely to express her satisfaction, or much more audibly her dissatisfaction, with customer service. Men, however, would be better served viewing the top three most popular packages or three personalized options, fitting the  good, better, best model.

As minorities enter the market, having an employee who is bilingual, in addition to possessing the excellent customer service and trade experience necessary, is invaluable. People want to interact with people like themselves; offer a sales rep who seems like them and word of mouth will bring a diverse body of consumers over time.

Other changes business owners need to note are a shift toward Generation Y members desiring a more progressive workplace including flexible schedules and telecommuting options, as well as consumers seeking eco-conscious, minority-friendly businesses. This generation is driven by the fear of missing out, or the FOMO phenomenon, which is so strong Amtrak credits the youth need for frequent connectivity to saving the nearly extinct rail line; youths preferred to take the train because they didn’t have to turn off their phones and were also offered Wi-Fi.

McDonald closed by noting that consumers are changing and, therefore, business and selling strategies need to change. Companies must keep up with the ever-changing cultural movements in the no-longer-homogenized American society.

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